APA standards


Summary of APA standards

The APA is the reference style most used by students. This is because many universities require that the reference lists and bibliographic citations in the TFG, TFM and thesis are made based on APA 2017 standards.

As a student, you should know how to quote bibliography perfectly.

The 2017 APA guide
The APA format was originated by the American Psychological Association (APA). They are the standard standards for the social sciences. The official manual of APA standards is very extensive, and therefore, its use can be complicated. Often, the answers to questions you may have about a specific source either do not appear in the guide, or are difficult to find.

Many universities have written their own manuals for the APA format. These manuals can be useful, but our experience has shown us that the rules are written in a disorderly manner, are not up to date and do not offer definitive solutions on how you should cite the references of that specific source with which you need help.

The APA standards and the design of your TFG, TFM or thesis
Many students do not know this, but in addition to the APA standards on how to cite bibliography and create a list of references, the association has also written rules on how the design of the reference list should be, the use of abbreviations and the application of titles. and summaries.

Scribbr and APA

In, in three simple steps you can be the king (or queen) of the APA format, stop making mistakes in your references and also avoid plagiarism.

Step 1: Read, learn and discover APA 2017 standards thanks to our articles, examples and questionnaires.
Step 2: The Scribbr APA generator for free. Easily create your references in APA 2017 format.

Step 3: The plagiarism detector in collaboration with Ephorus. Check your TFG, TFM or doctoral thesis in search of plagiarism.

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